During your daily commute to work, one of the most frustrating instances is when one of your household electronic equipments aren't working properly. This kind of issue can throw off your entire daily routine and in some cases, can make you late for work. Sure, it only takes a couple of minutes to manually open and close your garage door, but a couple of minutes can be very valuable. There are a number of reasons why the keyless entry system on your garage door might stop working, including the following:


  • No power to the unit
  • Remote becomes inoperative
  • Motor does not open the door
  • Opener cannot be operated by the wall switch


With All American Garage Doors, all of these potential malfunctions are easily serviceable. Our certified professionals at All American Garage Doors are well-trained in the installation, repair, and maintenance of keyless garage door entry systems. From sensors to remotes to remoteless keypads, All American Garage Doors can have you coming and going freely in no time. We can help you with both commercial and residential entry garage door system repairs, whether you have a gate system or keyless system, our certified technicians can get the job done. Contact us today for your free estimate or schedule an appointment!

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