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Don't you hate waking up in the morning, getting ready to leave your house and as soon as you press the button on the garage door remote nothing happens!? There is nothing more frustrating then having your daily routine interrupted by some sort of malfunctioning equipment that you pay good money for like a broken garage door opener. So what's the cause? There can be a number of reasons why your garage door opener isn't working, from reasons as drastic as the entire electrical system being faulty to simple explanations like the battery running out on your remote.


No need to panic, the experts at All American Doors is here to help you. Our experts will come to your home and help you find the problem and resolve the issue in an efficient and timely manner, so that you can get on with your busy day. Our experts at All American Garage Doors are certified and trained in all aspects of garage door installation, repair and maintenance, including repair and/or replacement of motorized garage openers. We can help you with any residential or commercial garage door repair need in Miami, FL, whether your garage door opener is automatic or electric, we can fix it in a jiffy. Regardless of the issue, All American Garage Doors has a solution for your needs. We will gladly come out to your home or office property and give you a FREE Estimate. All you have to do is call us today and schedule an appointment.

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