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There is nothing worse then trying to open your garage door to leave your home or commercial property and only one side of your garage door goes up while the other makes a loud screeching noise while it attempts to catch up with the other side. This can create all kinds of headaches for you during your day, we understand how busy you are and you just don't have time to worry about your garage door being off tracked. An off track garage door is typically indicative of either a serious issue with the door, or a serious issue with one of the working parts that keep the door opening and closing smoothly. This can render your door useless as you wait helplessly for one of our garage door technicians to come to your aid. Good thing you contacted All American Garage Doors, our experts will come out to your commercial or residential property fast and have your off track garage door repaired in no time! At All American Garage Doors, our certified experts are trained in all aspects of garage door installation, repair, and maintenance, including diagnosing issues with off track doors, whether it be an easily fixable issue or a major side effect of long term wear and tear.


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