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Sensor Replacement

Ensure Safe and Smooth Garage Door Operation with Sensor Replacement in Miami, FL


Imagine starting your day with a smile, only to be thwarted by a stubborn garage door that refuses to open. You press the button on your keyless entry remote repeatedly, but nothing happens. It becomes clear that your garage door sensors are not working, leaving you in a frustrating situation. Garage door sensors play a vital role in ensuring modern garage doors operate safely, detecting obstacles and signaling the opener system to open and close the door. This small yet crucial piece of equipment has prevented countless injuries and protected cars and property.

Garage door sensors function using “eyes” that emit an infrared light beam. Typically, two sensors are positioned on either side of the door. Both sensors must be in working order for the garage door to function safely. If their infrared beams are misaligned or obstructed, the door won’t operate properly, potentially posing a safety risk.

In some cases, sensor issues are simple, such as dirty lenses that homeowners can clean themselves. However, more complex problems may require the expertise of professionals like All American Garage Doors. Wiring problems or water damage from rain or rodent interference can lead to sensor malfunctions.


Call the Garage Door Sensor Experts in Miami, FL

When faced with sensor-related troubles, it’s time to call the experts at All American Garage Doors. With over three decades of serving Miami and the South Florida area, our certified experts have the experience and knowledge to handle all aspects of residential and commercial garage door installation, repair, and maintenance. From addressing broken springs to troubleshooting faulty garage door opener systems and detecting sensor issues, we’ve got you covered.

At All American Garage Doors, we not only fix the problem at hand but also offer maintenance plans to keep your garage door running smoothly in the future. Your safety and satisfaction are our top priorities.

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